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NIc Holck Training

Mobility • Performance • Strength • Conditioning • Injury Prevention  

My goal is to help you learn to strengthen your body through quality movement.


about coach nic 

Coach Nic training a client.

“I believe our movements are a bridge to our desires. The better built the bridge, the more likely we will succeed. Old or young, for health or for performance, we all benefit by fortifying our base and infrastructure.”  - Nic

Coach Nic has been professionally training, teaching, and coaching for +18 years. He has taught and trained martial artists/combat sports athletes ranging from beginners to professionals in the UFC for his entire career. Nic has also spent his career working with older active adults to move and perform better through their golden years. He coached and taught weightlifting, powerlifting and CrossFit for 9 years. Throughout his career he has prioritized training his community safely and effectively. His passion and constant pursuit of education and understanding helps him to continue to bring more value to his clients and community.

Coach Nic prioritizes training fundamental joint function and mobility as a result of working with such a variety of demographics. He found during his career that it is these areas that are generally lacking and offer the most benefit to everyone.

As a young man Coach Nic was an athlete of various pursuits. He grew up skiing in the White Mountains of North Eastern Arizona and biking in the desert. Coach Nic is also a 3rd generation martial artist, first learning Judo and Jujitsu, later training Japanese Kickboxing and Muay Thai. It was in High School though that he fell in love with training for increasing performance and capacity through Football and weightlifting. However he always had a passion for displaying movement in many ways. He finished his high school career competing in Cheer after the football season came to an end.

After high school, while attending the U of A, coach Nic immersed himself into training Mixed Martial Arts as a fulltime athletic pursuit. While training he served as a strength and conditioning coach for his teammates at a time when training for the sport of MMA was in its infancy. This pursuit came with varying injuries. 

In 2009 the perfect storm of injuries altered Nics life forever. A rough ski season with several undiagnosed spine injuries were followed by a training incident during a BJJ practice in which he fell on his neck injuring his spine and spinal cord. 3 months later he was rear-ended by a 45mph truck at a dead stop.

These events changed his daily life overnight. He went from a schedule of sometime 6 hrs of training a day, to none. This shift coupled with the new pains and nerve sensations left him in a depressed state, gaining 60lbs in one month. Day to day life would be forever altered.

After 6 years of seeking betterment by any means possible, PT/Chiro/Massage/Yoga/every program he could find, he was having a hard time finding relief. At its worst, he was confined to his bed for close to a week, crawling through his apartment unable to stand. 

This experience paired with his relentless pursuit led him to betterment for the first time since his injury in 2016. He came across practitioners discussing rehab and movement in a way he had never encountered. This was his introduction to Functional Range Systems or FRS. FRS is an organized/systematized way of looking at human movement and specifically training joints and tissues based on how we know them to respond in research and sport. Coach Nic now utilizes this system to help others break through their physical limits in a way that promotes health and performance.

The other lens he uses to assess and understand the human body and movement is that of the Postural Restoration Institute or PRI. This institute dedicates their practice and education to understanding and teaching the deep relationships between the diaphragm, the spine/ribcage/pelvis, and the nervous and muscular system.

These forward thinking systems of human movement, paired with Coach Nics athletic and professional experience allows him to solve problems for clients, athletes, and other coaches as his pursuit of knowledge is continuous.

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