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Victoria S.
- Lawyer / Cyclist 

Coach nics female client back squatting

     I’ve belonged to and gone to so many gyms over the years, in Tucson and nationwide, working with numerous coaches, going to classes and even teaching classes myself. I thought that I was in pretty good shape, but also pretty injured, with what seemed like random tweaks and aches, pains and stiffness all the time. I thought that it was just a part of getting stronger – “no pain, no gain.” 

     Then I started working with Nic. What a game changer! Upon working with me, he applied his vast amount of knowledge, skill level, and freaky amount of talent and an eye for the body and movement, I learned about the importance of the health of my joints in my strength development and daily life. Nic meticulously worked with me and we were able to literally remove all sources of tweaks I have had over the years. My joints are not only able to work in a much larger range (hello, Cossack squats!) but they feel GREAT. Nic has taught me how to work with my own body and move with intention. 

     The strength gains have been incredible! I am stronger than I have ever been, and without any aches and pains, I can take my sports to another level. Nic’s abilities go beyond the health of the body and joints, he is also a high level coach in the fighting sports and Olympic lifting. Not a day goes by working with him that I don’t feel so fortunate (as I am pretty sure you can’t find THIS level of coaching outside of professional sports). Despite the fact that he does work with such high level athletes, he treats each person he works with the same – with respect and patience, and he pours all of his energy into every individual. 

     I recommend anyone at any level of sport, as well as anyone who is interested in long term health and longevity to work with Nic!

Tim S. 
-Lawyer/ Former Div. 1 College Athlete

     My body took a beating during competitive sports and then I sat behind a desk for 25 years. I was stiff and weak when I first started training with Nic. After several months of hard work, my joint pain had decreased significantly.

     The biggest gains came from joint centered training, using functional range conditioning ("FRC"), an innovative training system used masterfully by Nic. I gained strength in new positions, working up to some crazy things I thought I'd never be able to do, such as full-depth, weighted pistol squats for reps. Old injuries were no longer limiting my activities.

     Now, two years later, my body moves better and is in significantly less pain. My lower back doesn't spasm any more and my headaches have gone away.

     Over the years I've tried a ton of different exercise systems, trainers, gyms, etc., and I can honestly say that Nic's training has consistently produced the biggest improvements with the lowest amount of pain and joint impact. I've never been injured or excessively sore from our training and we keep making long-term progress.


     This is intelligent training at its finest. 

coach nics male client completing a breathing exercise
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